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A Strong Will Commands Success for the Navy Commando

16-09-2017 02:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A Strong Will Commands Success for the Navy Commando  | My Indian Dream

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Former marine commando’s self-confidence sees him through Ladakh marathon

This is a tale of the triumph of will power. Shaurya Chakra winner and former Navy commando Praveen Teotia was seriously injured in the 26/11 terrorist attack that took place at Taj Hotel in Mumbai in 2008. He took four bullets of which one hit the lung and another a ear leaving him partially hearing impaired.

He stayed in a hospital for five months and gradually recovered although his hearing was impaired. Due to his condition, he was given a non-active duty job by the navy. Teotia was not satisfied and tried to prove his fitness by participating in marathons.

When Teotia, who hailed from Bhatola village in Bulandshahr was reassigned to the rank of a petty officer, he wasn’t happy. Knowing very well that he cannot be a commando again, he applied for a Navy mountaineering expedition but was rejected on medical grounds.

Teotia decided to prove his mettle. With the help of Taj Hotel staff, he met marathon runner Parvin Batliwala who encouraged him to train for long distance runs.

He began marathon training and participated in numerous marathons.On September 9, despite a damaged lung, he participated in the gruelling 72km-long Khardung La marathon in Ladakh, and finished well within the stipulated time, earning a medal.

Batliwala was very impressed and said that it was a stupendous achievement as Khardung La is a very difficult marathon where one runs through places with very low oxygen levels. To finish the marathon with a damaged lung epitomises his immense will power and self confidence.

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