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New Year With A Difference

03-01-2018 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

New Year With A Difference | My Indian Dream

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Social workers and volunteers celebrate new year in a novel way

Navi Mumbai city was cleared of all illegal banners and hoardings on the new year, thanks to a group of volunteers from the Navi Mumbai Networking social service group who removed nearly 500 illegal hoardings, banners, metal plates which were hammered into trees with nails.

The mission was called ‘New Year Tree Top Party. Nilesh Kachare who headed the project said that it was the initiative of their founder Sundeep Sharma who felt the need to do something good for the society and the environment.

Kachare said that the volunteers not only removed the illegal tree banners but also removed several nails and screws which held up these hoardings. Their work continued throughout the night until the wee hours of the New Year. They submitted all the illegal hoardings to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation for their perusal.

For the past ten years, the social service group has always taken up socially relevant projects that have proved to be beneficial to the society.

Sundeep Sharma said, "When you hammer nails into trees, it is a violation of the tree preservation rules and regulations and can also fatally harm the trees which were so very vital for our environment." The activists hoped to convey the message that trees shouldn't be harmed to display hoardings.


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