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Newborn turtles get a new lease of life

06-07-2017 01:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Newborn turtles get a new lease of life | My Indian Dream

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Alert residents and Wildlife SOS save a protected species

Two newborn turtles got a new lease of life when they were rescued by the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit from Shahkunj colony in Mathura. The recently hatched flapshell turtles were released into the Keetham lake after being kept under observation for a few hours.

It was the alert residents of Shahkunj Colony who informed the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit about the turtles when they stumbled upon the hatchlings while digging up soil pits for plantation in the neighbourhood park.

A two-member rescue team who arrived promptly at the location identified the hatchlings to be Indian Flapshell turtles and transferred them into a safe transport container.

Rohit Singh who called the SOS with a helpline number that he came across online said that the team responded quickly and carried out the rescue operation efficiently.

Baiju Raj MV, director conservation projects for Wildlife SOS expressed his gratitude to the residents. He stated that turtles are essential to the ecosystem as they clean the water bodies by mainly feeding on plants that grow in water, small insects and even dead marine animals and fish.

The Indian Flapshell Turtle (Lissemys punctata) is listed under Schedule One of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 which entails the same level of protection as the tiger. They are hunted and mostly traded for their shells which are said to have medicinal properties.

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