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No Gold No Silver , Only Stones Are Offered In This Temple

02-02-2018 03:53 PM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

No Gold No Silver , Only Stones Are Offered In This Temple | My Indian Dream

No priests, no saints. No gold, no silver offerings Kotikallina Kaadu Basappa Temple.

We see devotees throwing all their valuables under the feet of Gods across the country. From gold to silver to lakhs of money, temples in India accept everything. 

Kotikallina Kaadu Basappa Temple located 2kms from the Mandhya city on the Mysore- Bengaluru National Highway has a unique way of prayers. One can only offer stones at this temple. 

According to the locals, devotees are allowed to offer only stones which could be of any size. The villagers of this place for hundreds of years have been only offering stones. This temple does not have a proper structure and idol of its god( Lord Shiva) is also a stone.

Most devotees come here to pray for their livestock and crops to give a good yield.

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