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No ragging, make freshers feel comfortable

27-06-2017 07:30 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

No ragging, make freshers feel comfortable | My Indian Dream

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Many colleges in the city are taking help from the senior students

Gone are the days when freshers while entering the college campus would hide away from getting bullied by their seniors. Rather a different culture in the college campuses. The seniors in the college are now helping their youngsters to accommodate the new batch of students. Colleges have asked senior students in the city to take care of any enquiries by the freshers and also help them to settle into academic life. 

Seniors are not only helping colleges with administrative work but also helping new students and their parents to get through the long process of admission thereby making them comfortable with the college proceedings and other work.

As per a report published in The Times of India, Parvathi Venkatesh, Principal of Mulund College of Commerce said, “Many students come to the city for the first time to pursue degree courses, and once the admissions are over, we let our seniors take over the welcoming process.” 

She also informed that senior students have organized a presentation for the freshers in the college that informs them about the dress code, rules and other ethics of the colleges. The presentation also includes best eateries in and around the college campus to help freshers get acquainted with the college campus life. 

“The seniors also help students with the way around college, different activities that one can enroll themselves in, as well as the best dishes available in the canteen,” added Venkatesh. Almost all the colleges are busy with admissions and there are many confused students who need help and this is where the senior students come to their rescue. 

“We’ve had our students volunteering to help us with the process, and we are more than happy. Some students who have also finished college come back during the admission season just to help young students. We encourage this process because the newcomers feel much at ease when they interact with other students,” said Ashok Wadia, Principal of Jai Hind College. 

“During admission students help us as well as new students and parents by setting up help desks and helping them through the process. Post admission they are there to introduce students to various clubs and activities organized by the Institute,” said Rajpal Hande, Principal of the Institute. “We run various student clubs including sports, annual fests, student representatives, social service, NSS, etc and all the freshers are encouraged to participate in at least one group every year,” he added.

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