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Plant Pollution Eating Trees For Cleaner Environment

16-01-2018 11:00 AM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream   

Plant Pollution Eating Trees For Cleaner Environment | My Indian Dream

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Study shows trees absorb pollutants

Researchers at the Forest College and Research Institute at Mettupalayam have found a solution for smog and pollution in cities. Their research shows that for every pollutant, there are specific trees that could be planted. They opine that trees not only take in carbon dioxide but also absorb pollutants.

According to the researchers, some pollution absorbing trees are Gulmohar, Banyan, Fig, Peepal, Jamun and Tamarind. A. Balasubramanian, professor and head of the Silviculture department said that they have prepared a detailed proposal that includes a list of trees that could be planted for specific pollutants present at various locations in the city. They plan to tie up with the city corporation and plant the saplings under the smart city project.


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