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Portable Petrol Pumps in India, A Boon for People in Remote Areas

23-08-2018 01:00 PM  
Anita Neve | My Indian Dream   

Portable Petrol Pumps in India, A Boon for People in Remote Areas | My Indian Dream

Portable Petrol Pump with an automatic self-service machine to be installed soon.

The petroleum ministry has recently approved a unique concept of portable petrol pumps in India. This concept is the first of its kind for our country.

Alinz Portable Petrol Pumps managing director Inderjeet Pruthi said,“We would soon be able to see an unmanned fuelling station where we, on our own can refuel our vehicle making digital payment.” He also mentioned that the market for portable petrol pumps will grow here and they have tied up with Czech firm Petrocard as their technology partners to set up four manufacturing units in India at an investment of Rs. 1,600 crore. 

An automatic self-service machine will be installed on these portable petrol pumps which will supply diesel, petrol and kerosene. The payments will be done cashless through the facilities like e-wallets. 

Also, the setup of this kind of petrol pumps will now be easy as it requires only 400 sq mts of space against a huge land required for a normal petrol pump. It can be structured even at remote places, mountain and rural areas which will actually help the people from remote areas and make their livelihood easy.  


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