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Rajasthan has thrown up a surprise

18-07-2017 01:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Rajasthan has thrown up a surprise | My Indian Dream

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Ranthambore Tiger Reserve has something new to offer

The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve ( RTR ) in Rajasthan has thrown up a surprise as botanists have discovered a thriving patch of Litsea Glutinosa which are essentially rainforest trees.

Ranthambore National Park is mainly covered with dry deciduous forest. The hardy trees and plants withstand the heat of the harsh summer and burst into flower after the monsoon rains. It is the first time that the presence of rainforest tree, L Glutinosa has been spotted not only in Ranthambore but also in Rajasthan. Therefore, according to a Bionature journal,  it is worth placing on the records.

The RTR is known for its tigers and is a popular tourist destination. Apart from tigers, other faunal species and flora are also an attraction for the scholars.

The L Glutinosa trees bear glossy, large sized alternate leaves. Flowers appear in bunches of 8-12 and they are yellowish to greenish-yellow in colour. They bear spherical purple fruits.

The park hosts the confluence of Aravallis and Vindhyas mountain ranges due to which there is the presence of biotic elements of both the mountain ranges. Hence this place attracts botanists and scholars. The patch of Litsea Glutinosa was spotted near the main gate of Tiger Reserve to Ranthambore fort near a step well locally called mor-kund. The trees were thriving in the second storey of the forests.





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