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Resembling A Train Is A School In Udupi District.

01-02-2018 09:00 AM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

Resembling A Train Is A School In Udupi District. | My Indian Dream

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This headmaster painted his school like a train to encourage more admissions.

The Government Higher Primary Hindustani School at Nagpur village of Udupi is an eye catcher to many. 

The school that was once full of nearly 400 students came down to just a 20 this year had to get back it's students. This called for an extraordinary initiative by the headmaster himself. 

Headmaster, Vishwanath Poojary painted the entire school to look like a train. This was done to bring the attention of the people, government and NGO's and mainly to attract the students to take admission. 

Poojary along with two other teachers from the school saved up 3000 from his salary and after a total saving of 36000 started the painting work. 

This initiative attracted a lot of attention and people came forward to provide the school with amenities that were needed. From water purifiers to better toilets, the school now has all the amenities and is looking forward to attract more students in the best academic year.


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