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Retired man quenches thirst of Delhi's poor

07-06-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Retired man quenches thirst of Delhi's poor | My Indian Dream

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A 68 year old engineer who returned from London after 32 years has placed more than 60 matkas in and around South Delhi so that passerby and the poor can quench their thirst

Alag Natarajan, a 68 year old engineer is Delhi's 'Matkaman'. He earned this epithet as he daily places matkas (earthen pots) filled with water in and around South Delhi so as to provide clean drinking water to the poor and passersby.

He has specially modified his car to fulfill his mission to deliver water around the capital. It takes one and a half hour for him to fill up all the matkas that he has placed in south Delhi.

Natarajan had returned to India in 2005 after spending over 32 years in London. He had a brush with colon cancer that made him look at life from a different perspective. He decided that he would make the most of his post-retirement years to help people.

The scorching summer gave him the noble idea of placing matkas filled with water for thirsty people to quench their thirst. He collects water from three borewells whose owners fully support his mission. 

Natarajan's car was modified to incorporate a generator and two tanks of 500 and 200 litres to ensure the matkas did not run dry. He and his volunteers that include his house help, gardener, a drain cleaner from the area and a full-time assistant make four to five trips to fill these matkas.

His van with the name of his website matkaman.com painted across it is a familiar sight in South Delhi.



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