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Reviving A Lake Through Floating Island

05-02-2018 04:40 PM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

Reviving A Lake Through Floating Island | My Indian Dream

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Cleaning up an abode to various species through a floating island. 

Neknampur Lake which was once an abode to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, plants and reptiles has become a dump of garbage and sewage. 

February 2nd which is celebrated as the World Wetland Day was chosen to introduce the floating island as a clean-up initiative. 

This island is designed using styrofoam, bamboo, gunny bags, coir and is 2500sq ft in size. This island with act as a base to 3000 plants. 

The plants are selected in such a way that they will not only act as a mosquito repellent but will also help in cleaning the water and increasing the biodiversity.

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