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Robots To Put An End To Manual Scavenging

12-01-2018 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Robots To Put An End To Manual Scavenging | My Indian Dream

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Kerala to deploy robots to clean sewers

‘Bandicoot' is a robot developed by startup firm Genrobotics which will soon be put to use to clean sewer holes across the state of Kerala thus replacing men who had to put up with doing this abominable job.

The robot, developed by a group of engineering students has four limbs and a bucket system attached to a spider web looking extension, which can go inside the manhole. After shoveling the heap of garbage at the bottom of the manhole, it will be collected by using the bucket system before lifting it upward. It also has Wi-Fi and bluetooth modules.

The robot is powered by pneumatics (using gas or pressurised air) since using heavy electronic equipment inside is risky as they can react with the explosive gases present in the manhole.


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