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Showcasing History Through A Laser Show.

01-02-2018 09:00 AM  
Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream   

Showcasing History Through A Laser Show. | My Indian Dream

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Kerala invites you to this laser show at the Asia's oldest dam.

The history of India is known to us but we all have our own opinions about it. Kerala takes an initiative to depict history in the most creative way by hosting a laser show.

This show will be hosted at the oldest dam in Asia. The walls of this dam are of 555 foot high and make it the second such damn in the world. And if this show is successful, it will result to soon become a tourist hotspot.

According to the officials, the project has been submitted to the state Tourism Department and costs a total of 26 crores. 

The laser show will display the story of the evolution of state's hydel projects and how KSEB was formed. The show will have three shows every day for 30 minutes each.


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