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Solar eclipse mitigates effects of hurricanes

20-08-2017 01:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Solar eclipse mitigates effects of hurricanes | My Indian Dream

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Researchers to study solar eclipse on August 21

As per research conducted by an Indian environmentalist, a solar eclipse can reduce the intensity of hurricanes and cyclones due to tropospheric cooling, decrease in sea surface temperature and vertical wind shear caused by the shadow of the solar eclipse.

The Great American Eclipse, which will occur on August 21 is expected to coincide with a tropical storm. This coincidence of an eclipse and storm will occur on the Atlantic basin after nearly 50 years. It will provide an opportunity for scientists to study the metrological changes created by the eclipse over the hurricane zone.

A study of meteorological changes from previous eclipses and studies have made researchers infer that the intensity of the cyclones or the hurricanes can be reduced to a great extent by creating an artificial model mechanism of the solar eclipse.

Manoj Nalanagula, the researcher who has conducted the study believes that the shadow of the upcoming American total solar eclipse on August 21 will result in a voluminous cooling with downwelling. This phenomenon will give an opportunity to gauge the effects of the meteorological changes of the eclipse over the hurricane zone.

He said that further research needs to be done on the effect of the eclipse on the intensity of the hurricane and how the hurricane's physical processes in the atmosphere respond to the absence of sunlight. He added that such a study of the effects of the solar eclipse on hurricane zone has not been reported by any other researcher earlier.

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