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Steady increase in tiger count in Kaziranga

22-06-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Steady increase in tiger count in Kaziranga | My Indian Dream

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Roar of Tigers in the Kaziranga National Park makes animal enthusiasts happy

The Kaziranga National Park which is known for the one-horned rhinos that thrive in its grasslands has one more reason to cheer. The tiger population of the park is steadily showing a rise as its numbers have increased from 83 in 2014 to 104 in the latest estimates.

The Kaziranga Tiger Reserve comprises of the Kaziranga National Park where 95 adult tigers were found and two adult tigers and their cubs were spotted at Burachapori. Both parks are located within the Reserve sprawling over an area of 860 sq km.

Kaziranga field director Satyendra Singh said that with this count, the density of tigers in Kaziranga is found to be 21 tigers per 100 sq km. He said that the steady rise indicates that the tiger habitat is intact and healthy. It points to the fact that there is a healthy prey base for the big cats.

Singh believes that there may be more tigers than the estimates and has decided to make the next estimate more comprehensive.

Environment activist Rohit Choudhury observes that the corridors used by the tigers, especially between Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong, have to be protected, else it will be a big challenge for tiger conservation. He said that there are rampant mining activities and encroachment along the corridors in the Karbi Anglong area which is a cause of great concern.


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