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Steps to ensure women safety

16-06-2017 07:30 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Steps to ensure women safety | My Indian Dream

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Delhi Governor has taken appropriate steps to increase the safety measure for women. 

With a move to ensure women’s safety in the city, Governor Anil Baijal has been chairing regular meetings to find ways that will tackle the safety problems. It was decided that a PCR van would patrol the area of one square km. With such patrolling, the response time will be within six minutes. As most of the time, dark spots are the places, which are more prone to illegal activities against women, the meeting also discussed improving the lighting at the public places. Police have identified 10,000 dark spots. Out of these 7,000 have been illuminated and the remaining dark spots will soon be lighted and functional by the end of July month. 

While they discussed all these issues, installation of GPS devices properly will be discussed next to make sure that women safety is taken care of. 

Police officials said that regular enforcement drive is being carried out. Penal action has been taken in cases of violation. “All stakeholders must ensure a focused and coordinated strategy to make Delhi a safe city for women,” informed governor. 




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