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Learn more about edible and eco-friendly cutlery made by students from Delhi

26-06-2017 08:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Learn more about edible and eco-friendly cutlery made by students from Delhi | My Indian Dream

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An initiative to curb Delhi's plastic waste issue

As part of the Patradaya Project, a group of 40 Delhi students of Kirori Mal College are teaching Afghan refugee women how to make edible cutlery. This initiative is to curb Delhi’s plastic waste disposal.

Patradaya Project has a mission to make people aware of the growing issue of plastic waste disposal. The students are trying the replace the harmful plastic cutlery with those that are edible and eco-friendly. The initiative solves the problems of both the plastic waste and the refugee employment. The making of edible cutlery not only curbs the plastic waste but also helps provides employment to Afghan refugees. These refugees are settled in Bhogul District of Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

This initiative is being supported by an international non-profit organization named by Enactus. They make use of various whole grains like ragi, wheat to make the cutlery. Also, flavours are added to them like chocolate and mint depending on the personal choice and to suit the dish being served. They work along with a team of professional bakers.

The cutlery’s have a lifespan of 15 days and it they aren’t used within the expiry time, they can be completely disposed.

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