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Study of genes in Camels to be held in Bikaner and Kashmir

25-05-2017 10:29 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Study of genes in Camels to be held in Bikaner and Kashmir | My Indian Dream

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To find out the genes which adapt extreme condition, NRCC with a varsity in Kashmir will conduct a research.

Now, a study in camel will concentrate on finding the genes responsible for adaptation of extreme condition. This research will jointly be undertaken by National research Centre on Camel (NRCC), Bikaner and Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SKUAST) by signing MOU. Both the institutions will study the genes of singly hump and double hump camels. The information was given by NRCC director N V Patil.  While double-hump camels are found in Ladakh region who can survive in temperatures as low as -40degree celsius, single-hump camels are known to survive in the temperatures above 50 degree celsius. 

Therefore the study will aim to find the genes in the camels for such adaptation. Under this study NRCC has sent two males and two females of single hump camels. 

As per a report published in The Times of India PAtil said, “We are studying their genes at the molecular level and also their behaviour,” He added that the camels seem to be doing fine in Ladakh. Now, couple of double bump camel will also be brought from Ladakh to Bikaner for further study. 

“The temperature here is very high and the camels from Ladakh might not be able to withstand the heat if we bring them now. In winters, it’ll adapt itself to the conditions here and approach the summers gradually as it comes,” said Patil.

The research will also study about the utility of these camels as they are now used only for tourists activity.


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