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The Days Have Become Better For The Street Musicians Of Mumbai

15-05-2019 12:00 PM  
Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream      51

The Days Have Become Better For The Street Musicians Of Mumbai | My Indian Dream

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An endeavour to keep the talent intact.

People pushing each other through the crowd and looking out for a seat is a common scenario in Mumbai locals. And amid all the rush, a euphonious tune that is pleasing to the ear diverts people’s attention for a moment but, how many of you actually pay heed to the person who sings the song? If you take the locals frequently you must have come across a few musicians who are hardly appreciated. But their fate is changing now.

Street musicians are often neglected despite being talented and to develop their condition, Hemlata Tiwari, founded Swaradhar, a platform to empower them. The artists receive help from the organization in every possible way. From safeguarding them from trafficking and financial exploitation to resolving their issues, the musicians are provided with huge assistance.

The organization even conducts performances to aware people about street musicians in order to change their perspective towards them.

On talking about the initiative, Hemlata, who is the daughter of an autorickshaw driver told Indian Express: “After completing my Class 10, I joined the National Service Scheme (NSS) through which I took part in a number of social activities. It is then I decided that I want to do my part for the society and felt I should do something for these musicians treated like beggars. So I decided to collect artists from different areas of the city and form Swaradhar.”

Through Swaradhar, these artists have performed in several shows until now and we wish more such musicians get recognized.

Image Courtesy: The Optimist Citizen


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