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Thirunavaya to get Biodiversity Heritage Site status

01-09-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Thirunavaya to get Biodiversity Heritage Site status | My Indian Dream

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Thirunavaya is an environmentally important site

Thirunavaya in Kerala is a historically important site famous for its cultural heritage and biodiversity. According to the opinion of experts who visited the area, it has the potential to be declared as a biodiversity heritage site (BHS).

There was demand from a part of conservationist to declare the area as a community reserve. Subsequently, a team led by assistant zoologist Jafar Palot from Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) along with forest officials had visited the region last week.

They found the region environmentally, historically and culturally important and agreed that the place satisfies all the criteria that can earn it the BHS tag. It is home to lotus farms spread across more than 800 hectares, breeding sites of rare birds, mangroves, heritage sites such as Thirunavaya temple, Mamankam monuments, historical mosques and Bandharkkadavu and historical structures of megalithic age.

KSBB had issued guidelines for the declaration of BHS which state that the BHS will put an end to over-exploitation of natural resources and will control environmental degradation. The creation of BHS will not in any way affect the life of local communities as no restriction will be put on their prevailing activities.

It was the Thirunavaya panchayat that had taken the initiative to obtain BHS status for the region.


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