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This 21-Year Old Got Felicitated By The UN For His Remarkable Work

15-05-2019 03:30 PM  
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This 21-Year Old Got Felicitated By The UN For His Remarkable Work | My Indian Dream

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Together we can achieve every goal.

The sight of littered roads and beaches leaves a lot of us in dismay but, how many of us literally come forward and put in our best efforts to bring it back to life? Nature has an enchanting beauty and we as humans must learn to respect it.

Malhar Kalambe, a 21-year-old environment enthusiast started his initiative, Beach Please in 2017 with an urge to make Dadar beach look pristine. His journey did not begin alone as he also motivated his friends to join him. Together they work on every Sunday to clear the garbage and make it a better place for the people to visit. The Dadar beach looks absolutely different now.

In December 2018, the United Nations felicitated Malhar for his incredible initiative that has helped bring in a huge change.

In an interview with India Times, Malhar spoke about how they utilize their Saturdays by cleaning the Mithi river as he said: “After doing for months, we realised that we need to contain the source which dumps garbage in the ocean. We realised that Mithi river is being used to dump the industrial waste, construction waste and even domestic waste into the ocean and there we decided to also clean the river. Now on Saturday, we clean Mithi river which is also known as Mahim river and on Sunday, we focus on Dadar beach.

Malhar has been doing a great job at such a young age and We at My Indian Dream are sure that he will come up with more impactful ideas in the near future and implement them well.

Image Courtesy: Beach Please's Facebook page


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