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This Boy Dreams Big For His Village

28-11-2017 12:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

This Boy Dreams Big For His Village | My Indian Dream

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12-year-old boy makes his village cleanest in Manali

Rohan, a 12-year-old boy is on an important mission. After making his village, Bran, the cleanest in Manali, he dreams of making it the cleanest in the country. Thanks to his efforts, his village panchayat won the first prize for cleanliness.

Rohan believes that the PM alone cannot do everything and hence citizens should join him in his efforts to keep our country neat and clean. Rohan now aspires that his village should like developed European villages- clean and organized. In Bran, Rohan is popularly known as the ‘Dustbin Boy’.

Rohan decided to put an end to littering by keeping adequate dustbins in his village and encouraging people to throw the waste in these dustbins. Initially, he had to struggle to even collect money for the dustbins. He didn’t get any help. That is when his father and his friends encouraged him and they collected empty cooking oil canisters from the village, cut them and fixed them like dustbins.

Even then most people were not using them, so Rohan and his friends kept on encouraging people to throw all waste and garbage in the dustbins. Finally, their persistent efforts paid off and people started using the dustbins resulting in a cleaner village. Rohan and his friends frequently empty the dustbins and dispose of garbage with help of elders.

There are nearly 200 families in Bran village and one can find Rohan’s dustbins everywhere, be it the temple, playground, busy paths and junctions. Inspired by this, the panchayat representatives are now planning to buy proper dustbins which will be placed in each corner of the village.

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