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Uniform which will be heat resistant

26-05-2017 07:57 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Uniform which will be heat resistant | My Indian Dream

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A designer student in the Cochin has designed a uniform specially for traffic police officials to do away with the extreme heat. 

We have always heard of various fashion styles in dressing for men and women but ever heard of a designer dress for traffic police. Yes, a fashion designer student from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) have designed a uniform using ultraviolet resistant material.  The design was a part of annual graduation show Tantu,2017. The show will feature 33 textile designers of NIFT at North Malabar Chamber of Commerce. This uniform designed thoughtfully by Naureen will not only protest from UV rays but also bring own heat by increasing air pollution. After looking at the hardships that traffic police undergo while being on the field under the constant heat, Naureen thought about designing something for them.

Usually the UV-resistant fabrics are expensive and it is not feasible to use them for regular uniforms. But Naureen used her method to bring down the cost therefore one set of shirt and trousers will cost Rs 1,500. She also did the laboratory experiments which are needed to design the uniform at Cochin University of Science and Technology. (CUSAT)

Giving the details She said, “The UV resistance of the fabric was increased by dipping it in a solution of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in specific quantities, and the result was amazing.”

She added, “Though both these compounds are used to resist UV radiation, the use of such a combination has not been attempted before in her knowledge.” During the regular tests it was found out that even after 70 washes the UV protection of the fabric was retained. Without affecting the look, the uniforms are designed in such a way that air circulation is provided by creating vents. It also has facilities like water bottle hanger and a pocket to insert notepad and pen. 

With such innovations and technologies and affordable costs, government should surely consider to redesigning the costumes. 


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