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Villagers Turn Barren Land Into Lush Green Forest

11-12-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Villagers Turn Barren Land Into Lush Green Forest | My Indian Dream

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11 hectares of barren land is transformed into a forest

A decade ago people of Malla Manar, a nondescript village around 24km from Champawat district in Dehradun did not have enough fuel, water and food for the 100 families residing here. They were finding it extremely difficult to get fodder for their domesticated animals.

 That is when they decided to do something about the barren land surrounding the village. A group of 80 women with the help of an NGO carried out plantation on the 11-hectare barren land owned by the van panchayat. They had scripted a mini-revolution, as after12 years, the village today boasts of a lush green forest and self-sufficiency.

Dinesh Raturi, the coordinator of The NGO, BAIF Development and Research Foundation, said that the programme was started with the help of the Union science and technology ministry. He added that it was a defining moment for the village and its residents.  

Bhagirathi Devi, one of the members of the group said that they were very excited about the outcome as the barren land turned into a lush green forest. To add to it, they were surprised to see that the local water bodies in the area were revived. They started by setting up a small nursery in the area by planting local species like oak, buran, moru and kharik. She added that the women in the village take care of these plants like their children.

Tulsi Devi, another member stated that, although the process was slow, it was steady and now they no longer face scarcity of wood, food and fodder.


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