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“Wall of Kindness” built in Hyderabad for helping needy

24-06-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

“Wall of Kindness” built in Hyderabad for helping needy | My Indian Dream

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A unique "Wall of Kindness"

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) had come up with the idea of making “Wall of Kindness” where willing people can leave clothes, books or any other household items they wish to at the spot for other needy people.

“Wall of Kindness” was found at two spots in Rajendranagar. The concept is about people wishing to help others can come to the wall and leave the stuff they wish to donate there. Conversely, anyone who needs anything can come and pick them from the spot. This initiative is a part of the ‘Swachh Rajendranagar' campaign under the ‘Swacch Hyderabad' movement.

GHMC Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy got the inspiration for this initiative by witnessing it abroad. The team selected the two spots observing the number of people passing by it. Also keeping in mind the future moves, they are making arrangements for sheds considering the rainy season. The initiative witnessed positive response from people. Passersby were amazed by the concept and a significant number of people donated stuff. The initiative aims at making a difference in someone else’s lives in a positive manner.

The team is now planning to expand it to more two or three such places and gradually all over the city.

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