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Wall of kindness enables people to donate for the needy

25-07-2017 12:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Wall of kindness enables people to donate for the needy | My Indian Dream

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Wall of Kindness- A first of its kind initiative in Tirunelveli

A very thoughtful initiative – Wall of Kindness that enables people to donate clothes and other essential things to the needy was inaugurated at the Tirunelveli collectorate premises by district collector Sandeep Nanduri on Monday. Nanduri said that though this kind of initiative is popular in the West, it was the first of its kind in the region.

Through this service, people are able to do charity by giving away things that they do not need any more free of cost to people who may find them useful. Clothes are put on hangers and attached to a decorated wall for people who need them. Those who want to use the clothes can take them and walk away.

Beautiful hanging pegs in the form of flowers are installed on the wall that is painted in bright green, yellow and blue. Titled ‘Anbusuvar’, clothes are hung on these pegs for the needy instead of being dumped as garbage.

On the first day itself, many people came forward to donate clothes and books. One of the residents said that it was heartening to know that the donated things will be of need to someone. Books donated included novels and classics and people could be seen browsing through them. Another resident commented that the books will benefit many as they are circulated free of cost.

The collector said that if the response is good, the wall would be put up in other parts of the district as well.

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