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Want Power Supply? Stop Child Labour!

14-01-2018 09:00 AM  
Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream   

Want Power Supply? Stop Child Labour! | My Indian Dream

Karnataka government takes the first step to curb child labour

The small hands of slavery have been seen across the globe. Children from lower sections of our society at a very young age are left to fend themselves and earn a living. This makes them beg, borrow and steal. Some of them are forced to work in industries and factories which takes away their basic rights as a child. 

Seeing the problems faced by the children working in factories the Karnataka government took the first step to curb child labour. 

The Supreme Court in January confirmed an earlier Karnataka HC order that no industry or commercial business will engage child labour and on doing so the power supply for such an industry will be taken back. Also, the electricity officers have been asked to act responsibly and have been ordered to disconnect power supply of any factory they visit and find children employed. 

Every positive change needs a small step, to begin with. Let's hope this initiative taken by the Karnataka government encourages various other states to end child labour and allow them to enjoy their childhood like each one of us has. On an ending note, let's pledge to take an action when we see a poor child working and help him in the small ways we can.


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