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 Weddings with a social message 

25-05-2017 10:28 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

 Weddings with a social message  | My Indian Dream

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These two weddings in the city have set an example in this era where everyone wishes for a lavish wedding by thinking about the society on the happiert day of their life. 

As Weddings are all about spending money and respecting the guests with luxuries facilities, scrumptious food and giving gifts, two couples in Mumbai city decided to give their wedding a different look altogether. Both 28, Malad based Bhavin Bhatt and Navi Mumbai based Bilal Bebji tied their know in rather unusual way by thinking for the society. Bhatt who works for MNC and Bebji who runs a coaching centre decided to contribute something for the society instead of spending money on a lavish wedding. If we see Bhatt’s invite then it mentioned “We seek only your blessings for us. Else, gift us only in cash payable at NGO desk (set up at venue). And it ends with a quote:

How it is that animals understand things I do not know, but it is certain that they do understand…”

The Mumbai Animal Association (MAA) became a part of this wedding who set up a desk at the reception venue and those wanted to gift something could contribute to the desk. The money collected at the desk would be then be contributed to MAA especially to take care of stray dogs. 

While Bebji did not print the invite but directly a desk was set up at the wedding by an NGO and asking guests to contribute it there. NGO Datri who had set up a desk circulated their pamphlets and asked guest to contribute who wish to. This is not mere money but asking guests to donate organs. Specially suggesting them to register as stem cell donor to help people suffering from blood cancer and thalassemia. Around 1,000 guests are expected at the wedding and everyone would be requested to donate. 

DATRI, one of India's unrelated blood stem cell donors registry, will ask guests to give a buccal swab, in which a cotton bud will be used, to take a few cells from the their inner cheek.

As per a report published in DNA, Bebji’s said, "Ours is a love-cum-arranged marriage. When I explained the concept to her, she found it a novel idea and agreed," said Bebji.

While Bhatt informed, “My entire family appreciated the gesture and decided that even they would contribute. Some guests even told me that since it was a special gift they did not mind putting in more money as it was for a cause.”

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