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How Karnataka Is Turning Food Waste Into Compost

08-09-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

How Karnataka Is Turning Food Waste Into Compost | My Indian Dream

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Know why the city of Bengaluru showed an incredible response to the initiative...

The Karnataka State Compost Development Corporation (KSCDC) had come up with the initiative of collecting segregated wet waste from all households and convert it into organic waste. This has received a huge demand from farmers!

As per reports from Times of India, about 4000 tonnes of compost that was processed from the wet waste was sold out in just five months. Over 600 tonnes of wet waste was converted to an enormous amount of 4,306 tonnes of organic compost. The organic compost was in great demand by the farmers. The city of Bengaluru showed an incredible response on this initiative.

This organic compost which is being sold to farmers is not only eco-friendly but is also cheaper than the inorganic fertilizers in the market. The organic compost is being sold at subsidized rates to the farmers where the government is paying 50 percent of the prize. Krishna Byregowda, the state’s Minister of Agriculture expressed the overwhelming response the organic waste has got by mentioning that the KDCDC is left with zero stock of compost.

Not only local farmers but also those from faraway places have subscribed for the city’s compost. The KSCDC is gathering more of segregated wet waste for processing organic compost.

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