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Wetlands to be Decentralised for Better Management

29-09-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Wetlands to be Decentralised for Better Management | My Indian Dream

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States to identify and notify wetlands

Wetlands play an important role in flood control, groundwater recharge, preserving plant varieties, supporting migratory birds and protecting coastlines. ISRO has marked over 2 lakh wetlands across the country. With a view to manage these ecologically fragile areas, centre has come out with new rules.

On Tuesday, the environment ministry presented the new rules which include decentralization of wetlands management. The rule empowers the states to identify and notify wetlands within their jurisdictions but also keep a watch on prohibited activities.

The notification says, "The wetlands shall be conserved and managed in accordance with the principle of 'wise use' as determined by the Wetlands Authority."
The 'wise use' principle gives powers to the state to take decisions regarding wetlands for the larger interest.

Under the new rules -any kind of encroachment, setting up of any industry, expansion of existing industries, solid waste dumping, discharge of untreated wastes and effluents from industries, cities, towns, villages and other human settlements and poaching are included in prohibited activities.

Any construction of a permanent nature except for boat jetties within 50 metres from the mean high flood level observed in the past 10 years is also prohibited.

The Centre's role will be to monitor the implementation of new rules by the states/UT. It will also recommend trans-boundary wetlands for notification and review the integrated management of selected wetlands under the Ramsar Convention — an international arrangement to preserve identified wetlands.

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