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What A Wonderful Way To Preserve Indian Folk Music

25-03-2018 02:30 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

What A Wonderful Way To Preserve Indian Folk Music | My Indian Dream

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Hats off to the Trio friends for their unique thought...

Dapu Khan, a 58-year-old Rajasthani folk artist, what so unique about him...One of the world's oldest instruments the kamaicha, he used to play at the entrance of Jaisalmer Fort till he met two graduates of the Berklee School of Music, Abhinav Agrawal and Satyam Sangwan and lawyer Shuchi Roy a few years ago who changed Khan's life. They play a major role in his journey from the gates of Jaisalmer forts to his performances not only across the country but also in Germany and US too. 

The trio has designed a multi-track mixing studio where they record Khan's music, provide English translation of his songs, helped him in making his website, creating his business cards and musical contracts. 

They run a non-profit, Anahad Foundation to preserve Indian folk music. They have created a platform where artists can independently create and get their own employment. Till now they have around 122 artists in 25 groups and have created more than 50 music videos. In this way, an artists income has really increased up to seven times compared to what he used to get.

The non-profit started in Jaisalmer but are now expanding to Punjab, Jharkhand Chattisgarh and other places. Hats off to the Trio friends for their unique thought.

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