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Women Can Now Travel Without Worries

11-01-2018 09:33 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Women Can Now Travel Without Worries | My Indian Dream

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Bhopal Railway Station first in the country to have sanitary pad dispenser

In a landmark move towards women's health, Bhopal railway station became the first railway station in the country to install a sanitary pad dispenser. The machine was set up on January 1, 2018, and is aptly named Happy Nari. The machine dispenses two sanitary napkins at a cost of Rs 5.

The machine which has the capacity to store 75 napkins at a time was inaugurated by the senior-most Class Four worker, Anjali Thakur, in the presence of other railway officials. As per railway officials, within three days, around 2,000 sanitary napkins were withdrawn from the vending machine which clearly shows the need for it.

In a country where menstruation is still considered taboo, initiatives like this are welcome and will be a boon for woman travellers.

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