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Women commandos in Parakram vans

14-08-2017 10:30 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Women commandos in Parakram vans | My Indian Dream

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Nothing can deter women from showing their abilities in any field they want to be in!

With the newly introduced 14 Parakram vans in Delhi, women will also fight against terrorism along with their male counterparts.

This initiative is taken for the first time by Delhi police. With women now showing their visibility into all fields, gender equality is being showcased strongly. Monika Bhardwaj, DCP (PCR) said that such initiatives frame a great example of gender equality. Also, that women are being trained in the same way as their male counterparts, so women must also be given the same opportunities to utilize their power and strength. The army currently has new 10 commandos and will get 15 more soon!

Parakram vans have been introduced with a view of keeping a watch on terrorism 24x7. The vans have been placed in different cities across the country.  Every van has a team of five consisting of three commandos, an NSG trained driver and one in charge. The female commandos appointed in these vans expressed their enthusiasm and willingness towards their newly assigned duty.

To make the vans stronger and better, work will be done continuously to provide world class equipment to the commandos and training will be ensured for their development and increase in their efficiencies.

Nothing can deter women from showing their abilities in any field they want to be in!

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