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Award Winning Anand Kumar And His Story Of IIT Super 30

15-11-2017 03:00 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Award Winning Anand Kumar And His Story Of IIT Super 30 | My Indian Dream

Mr Anand truly believes that dedication, commitment and strong willpower are enough to achieve success in life

This Children's Day, Anand Kumar of Super 30, a mentor for students from the underprivileged receives this year's Rashtriya Bal Kalyan Award by President Ram Nath Kovind for his contributions in the field of education.

Anand Kumar, well known as Super 30 Founder in Patna, Bihar. He is an Indian mathematician and a columnist for various national and international mathematical journals and magazines.

Now, what is Super 30 and what drives Anand Kumar to start such innovative way of teaching? 

Super 30 is a Programme for underprivileged students, wherein Mr Kumar's coaching institute provides free education, accommodation and food to their students to crack the most challenging Indian Institutes of Technology(IITs) entrance examination. 

Anand Kumar was motivated to start the Super-30 programme when a poor student, who couldn’t afford coaching fee, came to him for IIT coaching.

Anand Kumar born on 1 January 1973 in Patna to a family where his father was a low paid employee in Postal Government of India.

His dreams were big, he wanted to become a great mathematician. During his college days, he also wrote some papers of Maths which were published in reputed Mathematical Spectrum and The Mathematical Gazette.

He also had an opportunity to study at the University of Cambridge, but due to lack of money and sudden death of his father, he couldn't pursue the same. He was the only person to head his family after his father and he took all the responsibilities on his young shoulders.

He also got an offer from the Govt. for the same job where his father was working, but he refused and started teaching mathematics to the underprivileged students under the Banner of  'Ramanujan School of Mathematics'.

He taught in the morning and sold papads made by his mother door to door with his brother Pramod in the evening. Today his entire family supports and helps him strongly in his noble work.

Established in 2002, the first year 18 students, the second year 22 students, third-year 28 students again 28 students and then finally all 30 students for next three years and so on crack the challenging entrance examination for Indian Institute of Technology. It means nearly 396 students out of 450 have cracked the IIT-JEE entrance exam till date and changed their lives. These successful children are wards of roadside vendors, brick labourers, marginal farmers, rickshaw pullers, drivers and much more and today many of them are working as scientists and are also placed in one of the best companies.

Mr Anand gives turning point to their lives, his inspiring story has received many praises. Former United States President Barack Obama's special envoy Rashad Hussain, who termed it the “best” institute in the country. 

Newsweek Magazine has taken note of the initiative of mathematician Anand Kumar’s Super 30 and included his school in the list of four most innovative schools in the world.

Time Magazine has selected mathematician Anand Kumar's school - Super 30 - in the list of Best of Asia 2010.

Anand Kumar has been awarded the Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar, the highest award by the Government of Bihar in November 2010.

Discovery Channel showcased his work in a documentary. Recently, Anand Kumar had also appeared on popular TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati.
Bollywood director Vikas Bahl is currently shooting a film based on Anand Kumar and his Super-30 institute starring actor Hrithik Roshan.

The real hero of Super 30 dreams to open a free school for the underprivileged students where they can mould the children right from their childhood and make them achievers and Noble Award Winners.

Mr Anand truly believes that dedication, commitment and strong willpower are enough to achieve success in life. He feels a flame that has burnt out can be lit again. A resilient ship can sail through the most violent storms. One should not be disappointed or disheartened in life and give hard work a chance and the destiny of India's poor and the underprivileged can also change.

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