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29 States... 29 Tastes... Part 1

12-11-2017 02:58 PM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

29 States... 29 Tastes... Part 1 | My Indian Dream

Do you know the famous dishes of our states... Here's a chance to get acknowledged.

India is known for its diversity in traditions, culture, customs, religion, food, historic architecture and much more. Every place has its own specialty that gives rise to the special tastes and dishes! This article celebrates one of the many famous dishes of every state respectively. The part 1 of this article enlists the famous dishes of North, West and Central India.

Rogan Gosht: Jammu and Kashmir

The heaven on the earth! The beautiful sceneries of this state take every traveller’s breath away! Also, some of its famous dishes, eaten in the state for many years are still savoured with delight. One of them is Rogan Gosht, an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin. It is a staple dish there and was introduced to Kashmir by the Mughals.

Makki di roti and Sarson ka saag: Punjab

Punjab, the land of five rivers, has this famous Makki di roti and sarson ka saag as their staple. Here it is made and served in their traditional way. Sarson (mustard leaves) along with spices are made into saag in their traditional way and is topped ghee or butter. Makki di roti is made of corn.

Kadhi Pakoda and Gajar Methi: Haryana

Both of these are Haryana’s specialties.  Kadhi is a mixture of yogurt and gram flour with gram flour pakoras in it. This dish is served with plain rice. Gajar Methi is a mild to spicy winter dish of Haryana famous across India.

Ker-Sangri and Dal Bati Churma: Rajasthan  

Ker-Sangri is made with dried berries and beans cooked in yoghurt with spices. Dal Bati Churma is also a famous part of Rajasthani cuisine. Rajasthani food remains incomplete without its mention. The Bati is cooked in a gas tandoor and served with dal. Some of the batis are deep fried in ghee which are later crushed and mixed with sugar or jaggery to make a sweet dessert called churma. All Rajasthani celebrations owe to have these three onto their menus.

Channa Madra and Sidu: Himachal Pradesh

Channa Madra is a popular dinner recipe of Himachal Pradesh. It has chickpeas in thick yogurt gravy.  Sidu is a type of bread made with wheat flour and is raised with yeast. Sidu is freshly made and served with ghee, gal or green chutney.

Ripe lemon chaat and Kappa: Uttarakhand

Ripe lemon chaat along with Bhang chutney is a famous delicacy of Uttarakhand. Also, the staple of this state is the simple toor dal, Kappa and thechwani.

Kebabs: Uttar Pradesh

Kebabs were a part of the royal delicacy of the Nawab of Lucknow. It is soft and crunchy at the same time and has many flavours and types in it.

Litti Chokha: Bihar

It is an indigenous dish of the Indian subcontinent and a famous delicacy of Bihar. It is a dough ball made up of wheat flour stuffed with roasted chickpeas mixed with herbs and spices and roasted over coal or cow dung in a traditional manner.  Let’s start from the north!

Lapsi and Indori Palak Puri: Madhya Pradesh

Laspsi is a highly nutritive dish of the state. It is full of vitamins and proteins. It is a famous sweet dish of the state and is made by pressure cooking broken wheat. Palak Puri is a famous dish of Madhya Pradesh made of spinach and deep fried. It is served as a bread and can be eaten with curd, pickle or chutneys.

Khandvi: Gujarat

Khandvi is just one of the many snacks Gujarat is famous for. The others onto the list are Dhokla, Handva, Phaphada and much more.

Petha: Chattisgarh

Petha is a famous sweet dish from Raipur, Chattisgarh and is savoured across the nation. It is usually cylindrical or rectangular in shape and is made from ash gourd vegetable.

Marua Roti: Jharkhand

Raagi is called as Marua in Jharkhand. Rotis, an Indian bread is made out of marua flour. Also, raagi is high in nutritional value and has lots of fibres that works well for your digestive system. It is mandatory to make Marua Rotis on Jeetiya day in all parts of Jharkhand!

Puran Polis: Maharashtra

The Puran Poli is a famous sweet, flat bread of Maharashtra made during festivals. Puran Poli is made from chana dal or splits yellow gram, plain flour, jaggery or sugar, cardamom powder and/or nutmeg powder, ghee and water.

Chena Poda: Odisha

Chena Poda is a sweet dish made up of cheese. It is like a cake which is made up of cottage cheese and dry fruits like cashews, nuts and raisins. It has taste as we get from the caramelization of sugar.

**The Part 2 of this article will enlist special delicacies of remaining states that will flatter your taste buds even more! Stay tuned…

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