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7 Judicious Ways To Save Water

07-01-2018 03:45 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

7 Judicious Ways To Save Water | My Indian Dream

When we hear the slogan “Water is Life”, what comes to our mind?

When we hear the slogan “Water is Life”, what comes to our mind? We might relate it to its importance in our lives, a necessity, or maybe a means to quench our thirst. But, when we look into the insights, one can realize that water is indeed life to us. In its absence, people fail to keep themselves alive. The irony, 71% of the planet earth is covered with water and still, there are countries suffering droughts and famines. Despite the number of lakes, rivers and brooks; the summer still weighs hard on monsoon.

Talking about rains, it’s inconsistent. For a year it rains cats and dogs, the next year makes the cries of the farmers unheard. The scene is completely natural. But, what man could do to keep such alarming situations under control is to preserve water. And undoubtedly, the best source of water are the rains. So, get up and check these ways that could help you control water usage and also preserve rain water.

  • Get an open barrel to collect rain water in your garden area and cover with a lid. Alternately, you can place plastic drums in different areas. Use this water for gardening, cleaning your vehicles, and even for washing clothes.
  • Keep your terrace surface clean. Place a container under the pipe that brings down the terraced water. You can use it for irrigation.
  • Use water efficiently. You could soak multiple clothes in a bucket of water instead of one or two at a time each day. Similar is the case with dish washer.
  • If you find any leakages in taps or pipes in your house and detection requires time, then collect that water in a bucket and use to wash utensils.
  • Do you know your habits can change your water consumption? True, avoid playing around for too long under the shower and make it quick in order to save water in your city.
  • Choose plants that thrive in less water. Your garden might call high water requirement, so make your plant choices wiser.
  •  Make your electricity consumption lower. Glad that science taught us the method of generating electricity using turbans. These are correlated aspects and need equal control over consumption.

Regular or premium, your luxurious fittings are worth only when there’s water. Use water efficiently to reduce wastage and conserve natural resources. Promote sustainable development and let our country and the world flourish.