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All Time Favourite...Why Winters??

16-12-2017 02:00 PM  
Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream   

All Time Favourite...Why Winters?? | My Indian Dream

Enjoy the pleasant weather with some benefits too!

If you ask me what’s my favourite season then it is none other than winter! Who doesn’t like the chilled weather and cozy climate! Apart from being everyone's favourite, this season has many benefits too.  From your cheeks getting rosy to much more... Know the positive aspects of cold weather! 

You get a Sound Sleep!

One falls asleep easily in cold weather. The reason could be as follows... Our body temperature keeps on changing. The temperature is highest in the early afternoon and lowest during the onset of dawn. As our body prepares for sleep, it releases the body heat and makes us drowsy. This happens with every healthy person as lowering in body temperatures tend to induce a sound sleep. It gives rest to your body. Thus lower temperatures help to induce a sound peaceful sleep. 

It kills bugs

Most of the bugs or parasitic insects either can’t withstand the chilled weather and die or are hibernating in the low temperatures. Hence you are less likely to get any of the diseases spread by such insects. The fatal zika virus that spreads over a mosquito bite is not seen to be contracted in cold weathers as the mosquitoes that transmit this virus are hibernating when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

You burn more calories!

This is the most effective benefits of cold climate. Our body contains two types of fats- white fat and brown fat. White fat is the largest energy reserve of our body. Brown fat helps to burn the calories thereby generating heat. In cold weathers, the brown fat burns white fat faster and thus our body metabolism increases by 80 percent!

It increases your mental power!

The study says that we think better in cold weathers as compared to warm weathers. The reason is... We need glucose to regulate our metal functions, agility and body temperatures. In warm weathers, our body consumes much of our body glucose in keeping our body cool whereas in cold weathers, the climate around helps us regulate the body temperature and much glucose can be used by our mind to think and work creatively!

Works wonders on your skin!

Cold weathers are the best for the healthy and beautiful skin! Cold weather tightens our skin, reduces open pores and makes it less prone to breakouts. Low temperatures also prevent the secretion of skin’s natural waxy oils called the sebum which in turn makes your skin look shiny and prevents the formation of acne and pimples. Cold weather also acts as an anti-ageing agent as it helps to keep your skin looking fresh for a longer time. No wonder why people living in hilly cold regions have so beautiful and young glowing skin!


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