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Ayurveda's say for good health!

03-07-2017 08:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Ayurveda's say for good health! | My Indian Dream

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The article will give you insights of a healthy lifestyle in an Ayurvedic way.

Ayurveda is old Hindu practice of curing diseases in a natural manner. Ayurveda works on the principle of maintaining proper balance of all elements in our body. The thesis that great ancient Indian Sages had given about Ayurveda, its applications and results are still be used in our country. Getting Ayurvedic treatment for various diseases is still a common practice in our country. But mainly what Ayurveda does is not just limited to curing the disease. It further even works on the immune system and makes us resistant against the disease. Though it takes long to show results, it uproots the ailment completely giving a permanent solution to your problem. Ayurveda has its say for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of them.

Follow daily routine

This is a thing which we all are bad at! Practicing a routine in a busy lifestyle is actually a difficult task. But no excuses! That’s what Ayurveda says. Have a definite and consistent 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Eat healthy and a well-planned diet. This is very important as we see that the climate around us is nowadays changing unpredictably. If it’s sunny at a moment, it will be cloudy on the very next! See that your diet is always suited to the climate around you. Maintaining a strict disciplinary lifestyle is a key to healthy living.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is Ancient India’s form of physical and mental exercises to keep your body and mind fit. Yoga poses have a great significance on our body and mind. It has both a spiritual and a strengthening impact on our body. Yoga not only gives us a healthy body, but also restores peace in our hustle bustle lifestyle. As we all very well know that how much physical activity is necessary to keep us fit, adopt this Ayurvedic way of keeping yourself fit and you will never regret dong it! Nothing heals well than nature!

Practice Meditation

We all complain about our daily life stress and pressure. In out chaotic lifestyle, it is very necessary for us to find a few moments of solace. Daily meditating for about 20 mins will help us achieve that solace. Meditation has the proven power to destress you and help you focus on yourself more than distracting every time. It keeps us calm and induces the power for better understanding in our mind. Meditation will definitely help us cope up with our daily life’s troubles and activities.

Ayurvedic eating habits

Ayurveda recommends one to eat hot and food seasoned with spices. The reason behind the same is proper digestion. Also keep your body hydrated by drinking fluids at regular intervals as it helps to expel toxins out of our body. Also, eating slices of ginger with rock salt sprinkled over it or having few drops of lemon before meal will prevent you from gas troubles. Ayurveda recommends one to eat only wgen one is hungry. Hungriness indicates that your previous meal is digested completely and you can eat. But eating when not hungry will add to problems like weight gain and will incur poor digestion.

**Though Ayurveda has a solution for everyone, the solutions and tips are often generalized ones. One must always see what actually suits one’s body and practice the same.    


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