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Body language mistakes often made

11-06-2017 08:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Body language mistakes often made | My Indian Dream

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Our body language is an important aspect of non-verbal communication.

Body language tells a lot about you. The way you walk, talk, sit, react, do gestures defines your personality. You might agree to me if I see a person walking upright and think of him as a bold and a confident personality. But many times we go wrong in our conduct. This article illustrates some of the common body language mistakes we do. Unfortunately, our primary education doesn’t involve teaching us the proper aspects of personality development as no one ever pays attention to how important all of this is in our personal as well as corporate life.

Standing too close

Standing close to a person defines an intimate or a close relationship with him. Being close enough physically involves sitting close, hugging, kissing and whispering. One often behaves in this manner with a family member or his or her partner. But standing close enough while interacting with your colleague is not right. It will make the latter feel uncomfortable as if someone is invading his or her personal space. This gives a disrespectful impression to the person you are interacting to. Thus always maintain a distance of 4 to 12 feet while talking to your co-worker.

Improper eye contact

Eye contact is very much important while interacting with someone. Looking improperly may give an intimidating look which is not at all permissible in a work environment. Your gaze talks about your character. As per US studies, proper gaze accounts to 60 percent; that is 60 percent of the time looking into the person’s eyes and the rest of the time into the notes and other material you are referring to. Proper eye contact is made by looking to a person’s face in an upside down triangular way; that is from eyebrow to eyebrow, then to nose and again back to the eyebrows.

Slouching or leaning back

Slouching is having a drooping posture or leaning on one’s head. It gives an impression of you too much lazy or tired to work anymore. It shows your boredom and disinterest in your work. Leaning back onto your chair gives an impression of disinterest in interaction or the work. It accounts to distraction. Always stand and sit upright. It gives a good impression and is even good for your spine.


Fidgeting can be adjusting your clothes continuously like loosening your tie or tapping one’s feet constantly, scratching your head or moving hands from your hair, moving in your place without sitting calmly. All this disturbs and irritates those around you. It makes you look anxious and unprepared for your task. Stay still, be conscious about your actions and when anxious take deep breaths.

Over gesturing

People often move hands and express while talking. It looks good only when done decently. Over gesturing and expressing make you look stupid and even makes you carried away. You might get over expressive while talking about a certain topic and might affect your emotional state too. If you often make such over gestures, ask you, friend, to record your interaction once and have a look on it to minimalize your actions.



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