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Boost your “Creativity”

24-06-2017 11:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Boost your “Creativity” | My Indian Dream

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Ways to boost one's creative mind

Today’s tech-age has blocked our creativity. Instead of finding solutions on our own we prefer relying on Google. The problem-solving ability of humans has decreased owing to high reliance on gadgets. Children have stopped solving puzzles and are addicted to racing games. All this hampers our ability to think. Creativity is not only by ‘nature’ but also depends on ‘nurture’. This article tells ways in which you can improve your creative mind.

Detach from technology, embrace nature

A study was carried out in which a group of people were sent on a hike and were strictly asked not to use any gadget. In the entire expedition, they were observed on how they reacted to situations. They were given tasks which they had to accomplish in the time limit. All reacted and completed their tasks in their own creative way. End reports said that the problem-solving capability of the hikers increased to about 50 percent than usual and this boosted their creativity. Brainstorming had caused them to become creative.

Find alternative solutions

For example, you are assigned a task which needs to be completed. You had already successfully completed the same task previously. So now instead of using the same solution, try to find an alternative one. This will not only improve your creative thinking but also strengthen your problem-solving ability. Another example can be of you writing an essay or any other content. If you write the content of say 1000 words, next time minimize it to 500 words. Minimizing the content will make you think over the summarization part and help to analyze important points. Also, this will enhance your ability to say a lot in few words!


I am serious! Daydreaming does help boost your creativity. Let me tell you how. Studies say that daydreaming happens when you are too dedicated to your work. Also, we tend to be lost in thoughts of things we like doing. For example, if you have been asked that in a week’s time you are supposed to submit a written project report or a working model of your project, for the whole week long you will keep thinking about ways you can make your project the best and most presentable. This has happened with every one of us. Daydreaming helps in incubating ideas which boost creativity. But this is useful only when you have all set of information before you start.

Stay positive about your idea

It often happens that we think of some idea. But we ourselves get demotivated thinking that the idea might not work or that it might be too silly to be told about. Always remember no idea is silly. Everything we think and create has a meaning to it. So do our ideas and thoughts. So never obstruct your idea and creativity even if you or someone else finds it silly. Some great discoveries were initially made fun of, some were accidental but they stood to their belief and optimistic attitude and showed results which the world still acclaims.  

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