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Cast Your Vote In The Upcoming 2019 General Elections And Make A Difference

03-04-2019 12:30 PM  
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Cast Your Vote In The Upcoming 2019 General Elections And Make A Difference | My Indian Dream

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Our freedom fighters have fought until the end for the country and by voting, we can express our gratitude towards them.

Now that the 2019 General Elections are approaching, people are gearing up to vote for their favourite candidate. Amid all the enthusiastic voters there are a few who do not believe in the concept of voting but, to vote is every citizen’s fundamental right and responsibility. This year, the elections will be held from April 11 to May 19 in seven phases and we at My Indian Dream urge every citizen above the age of 18 to cast their vote.

If we want the government to deliver their utmost for the country, the process must start with us. Here are a few reasons why the citizen of India must vote for the upcoming General Elections.

Voting will Bring in an Enormous Change: Firstly, people need to understand that they have a humongous power to change the world by casting their vote. And they can make a difference by choosing the ruling government. Voting gives you the power to change the unwanted scenario in your country or state and for that, one needs to pick the right candidate.

Make Use of Your Taxes: Be it the income tax you are paying or the goods and services tax, all of it goes to the government so that they can provide you with better roads, infrastructure, public transport, health care benefits and so on. Therefore, you need to make sure these duties are fulfilled by a responsible government and for that, you need to vote for the deserving candidate.

Each and Every Vote Counts: There could be countless people standing in the queue to vote but, that does not mean your vote will not play an important role. The democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people thus, it’s a privilege given to us by the constitution of India. Even a difference of one vote can make the right candidate win.

To Do Justice to Our Freedom Fighters: Our freedom fighters had fought enough and sacrificed their lives to make India a democratic country. And by voting, we can express honour and respect for them.

India is a diverse country with people belonging from different region and voting allows each one of them to choose the leaders of tomorrow.

Image Source: One India

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