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Check Out Who is the Best Guardian of Your life

09-09-2017 02:07 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

Check Out Who is the Best Guardian of Your life | My Indian Dream

This will let You Thank 'God'

We often wonder, why are things the way they are, not the way we want them to be. Often, we are unhappy with the little odds in our day-to-day experiences. And, then we keep complaining God about our lives, thinking it could have been better and better.

Here’s a short narrative, that would make you believe that the Lord has the best plan for you. Even though you forget to acknowledge him, he doesn’t forget to set your plan.

One of my acquaintances; Rohit is a student from Mumbai, pursuing B.com. His schedule is fixed, he attends his college and then reaches his IPCC classes. In the eve, he has to pick his younger brother from tuition and then get a train to reach home. He enters his room not before 8 every night.

It was a Saturday eve and it poured heavy the entire day. He had a party plan at 8:30 and he couldn’t resist reaching home as early as possible. The rain wouldn’t pause and he was frustrated. Traffic bothered him, he kept cursing.

He ran to get his brother, but time longed as the tutor was on a call for a couple of minutes. And then she took some more to give the little one some homework. His temperature kept fluctuating, mostly on high. He knew he’s going to miss the 7:30 train and will have to wait for half an hour to get the next.

In a lot of hurry, they reached the station area by an auto. They both panted. It was 7:48 on the clock. He thanked God for the reach. He wondered why the crowd was so much in agony. Reaching closer, his legs quivered as he saw some blood around on the floor. He stepped ahead in fear. To his shock, the police took him aback and consoled him saying the 7:30 train had a blast at the station end. Arrangements were being made to provide mobility to passengers soon.

So, don’t you think he should be thanking God for something more- for his life? We humans often are dissatisfied with what we have. We should desire for better, no doubt, but at the same time, appreciate things around, the way they’re to us. God, is better known as the creator because he creates what is best for us, and then these creations appear to us as our goals. If you fail- it’s just to make you go- for the best- that is to arrive next. So, never lose the hope, never lose the faith in him. Learn to thank him for the kind of life he has blessed you with, for he’s your best Guardian.

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