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- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Disability or Disregarded Ability?

27-10-2017 03:34 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

Disability or Disregarded Ability? | My Indian Dream

Each person on this earth is as unique as you are.

While framing the title of this article, I first wrote ‘Disability’. Then I wondered, is it really disability? I just corrected myself and wrote “Disregarded Abilities”. I think, I gave it a good beginning.

The idea behind naming it disregarded is, these people are the most ignored, socially refused or taken less care of. I want you to rethink. What is disability? A physical or medical issue with a person that confines his/her movements, senses and thereby actions. Hence, these people are interpreted as incapable of doing certain things. But what’s beyond the scene?

While a set of them are born with such temperament or a problem for instance, the other part either gain it overtime due to genes, or suffer cases of life incidents. What if a painter undergoes amputation? What if a swimmer suffers a paralysis attack? What if an author goes through a trauma? Are they disable? Or are they just a little away from their capabilities?

So, for such instances, what do you do? Do you play lame enough to make them realise of their loss, with your inability to understand? Or you act generous enough to bring them to the light where they can see their undissolved skills in the mirror. The choice is completely yours.

Disable people aren’t the ones lacking ability to do things, it is just that they have their own way of doing it. Think for a while, don’t they smile? Don’t they help others? Don’t they have emotions? They do. Reason? They are just another you. A little more special.

They really don’t need sympathy in your eyes when they pass by you and you see them crippled. They don’t expect favours just because you see them as ‘Disabled’. All they expect is you, to see them as ‘NORMAL’. As normal as you see your friend, or talk to your family.

Over the decades, even the government has brought in special amendments to avail them comfort. Quotas in employment, travel, exemptions in taxation & laws etc. are the forms of support extended by government. But, it is a matter of system. We are humans first. Together we form- a system.

So, as a human and co-habitant, what are our duties? Respect, adore and accept. Respect them with equal attention that they deserve. Adore them, they can be your well- wishers too, coz physical attributes are not a key to judge mental well- being. Accept them the way they are, those people have indomitable spirit, and could do what you may not be able to.

After all, each person on this earth, is as unique as you are.