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Do we need external MOTIVATION all the time?

29-06-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Do we need external MOTIVATION all the time? | My Indian Dream

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Finding true motivation? You don't need to because it's within you! know how.....

This is the era wherein motivational speakers are getting huge hypes! People turn them to charge up their demotivated routine lives. I don’t intend to offend any of the motivational speakers, they are definitely doing one of the finest jobs for the society but just once ask to your own self, “Do you really an external source of motivation every time?” Or let me rephrase the question, “How long are you going to depend on an external aid for your motivation?” Even its obvious to you that I’m asking the questions rhetorically! We all know the answers to them but still are remain blindfolded. And this is a common behavior seen in all humans, no one is an exception to this! But what is different about some humans is their efforts to change their ways and thinking. Yes and it’s true. No one knows you better than you yourself! No one can motivate you better than you YOURSELF! The article below guides you through the ways of permanently keeping yourself motivated.

Identify your life’s purpose

Nothing can drive you than your purpose in your life. Constantly reminding yourself about your dreams will keep you awake and motivated towards accomplishing them all the time. Purpose has this divine power that keeps you vigilant and on toes. But identifying that true purpose in your life is very important. Something which you really love doing and without which your life is worth living is your true purpose. People often confuse purpose with passion. Purpose is just not that. For some it’s passion, for some a responsibility, for some its mere accomplishments of tasks that makes you feel great again. Find that one genuine purpose of your life and you will be unstoppable forever!

Set realistic goals

I might sound sarcastic now, but many a times we get carried away and start building castles without even laying its proper foundation. Success is never sudden! Purpose is never accomplished in one trail! One needs to go step by step and set goals at every milestone. Also keep in mind that goals you set must be achievable. Don’t aim at travelling to sun, you are sure to burn! People often set goals which are either very unrealistic or much above their initial capabilities. Don’t make such a mistake because its failure will only make you more demotivated and diffident.

Always be ambitious

The above point of setting a realistic goal doesn’t mean underestimating your own capabilities. Never think that you won’t be able to achieve something. Have complete faith in yourself and your capabilities. A person never fails until he believes in his own self. Stay ambitious always. Ambitions keep you marching to your final goal and self-belief gives you the strength to pursue them.

Be Selfless

Selflessness will always find a new well of motivation for you! When you think of your own benefits and your own success, you will motivated only until its accomplishment. But a responsibility of doing something for someone and making a difference in someone’s life by your work will keep you motivated forever. Be Selfless and work so that you bring a difference is other’s lives too with yours.



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