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Failure doesn’t exist!

31-08-2017 09:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Failure doesn’t exist! | My Indian Dream

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After all, it’s all about perspective!

Everyone has experienced failure in their lives. Sometimes losing on a prize, sometimes unable to complete a task or sometimes unable to achieve a goal. Life comes with its ups and downs. We get so depressed with our failure that we fail to understand that failure is just a relative term to success! THERE IS NO FAILURE! There is either success or a lesson. We need to mend our thoughts and remove this clichéd term of failure. Thinking about failure makes it a reality and you end up into one! Instead, why don’t we think about what we learned from our mistakes! Let’s see how... 

The only way to fail is to give up

Giving up on your dream, your work, on circumstances is the only possible way you can end up failing. Otherwise, you can never fail. Think about all the great scientists and our great freedom fighters. Had they given up on their efforts, our life now would have been completely different. Every failure of theirs had only made them bolder and more competitive thereby building a strong determination of not giving up. Success becomes sure only when you choose to never give up!

Every cloud has a silver lining

Unsuccessful completion of your project makes you feel depressed. You accept your failure and sit dejected. But it actually doesn’t end up like this. If you look at the reasons as to why you failed you will learn a lot! In short, it is not a failure, it’s a lesson that you learn! Rightly said ‘every cloud has a silver lining!’ You must know how to look upon the aspects of bad things. There is nothing in this world that is completely right or completely wrong. We have two sides to the same thing. What makes the difference is what we choose to look upon the good side (the lesson) or the bad side (the failure)! Everything happens for a good cause. We just have to believe in it and move ahead learning!

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work

These are the famous lines spoken by Thomas Edison after his famous invention of the light bulb. He failed 10,000 times which he was able to make the successful invention of the light bulb. But he didn’t mark his 10,000 unsuccessful attempts as failures, he labeled them as 10,000 ways which won’t work! And this is all about perspective! One’s perspective really matters. If you always think about the negative side, it will come to you. But if you change your perspective and look at the positive side, you will actually realize that you actually didn’t fail, but you learned!

Never give up! Keep marching ahead. You will definitely be successful as failure doesn’t exist. After all, it’s all about perspective!



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