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Feat Of Courage: People Who Used Their Disabilities As Their Strength

24-11-2017 03:54 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Feat Of Courage: People Who Used Their Disabilities As Their Strength | My Indian Dream

These people with disabilities are heroes of their own lives.

We often look upon people with disabilities with sympathy, incapable of doing things we normally can do. But some choose to lead extraordinary lives using their disabilities as their driving force. They are a source of inspiration to us and proved that there lies a hidden hero inside every one of us who understands no limits and constraints when it comes to their dreams. Here are some of them you will feel proud of.

Sudha Chandran

You know her as a splendid dancer who has won so many acclaims for the same. But this all has a painful start! Sudha grew learning dance and had given many stage performances. At the age of 17, while travelling from Mumbai to Chennai she met with a major accident wherein she lost her left leg. It was when then she realized how much she was passionate about her dance. When people thought that she couldn’t dance again, she took up the challenge and decided to prove them wrong. With the Jaipur leg, it took her four months to walk straight and three years of physiotherapy to feel normal. With all the painful efforts she took, she returned back to the stage where her dance performance got a standing ovation. She then was signed for a film on her life story and the journey of stardom started. 

Arunima Sinha

She too is an amputee who lost her leg in a tragic incident. She was thrown off the moving train by some thieves who were snatching her bag and gold chain. Like Sudha Chandran, she too decided not to lose her battle with herself. She struggled with great determination and within two years of her accident, she managed to climb Mount Everest becoming the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest with a prosthetic leg. She made India proud as she hoisted India’s tricolour flag at the peak of Mount Everest.

Bharat Kumar

Bharat Kumar was born only with the right hand. Despite this, he has made our country proud by winning about fifty medals in para swimming contests. He has won a silver medal at IWAS World Junior Athletics Championships in Ireland and one gold medal. He has won over 40 national level medals and has flown to many countries to participate in many tournaments.

Preethi Srinivasan

Preethi Srinivasan met with a major accident at the age of 18 that left her quadriplegic. She was the captain of under-19 Tamil Nadu women's cricket team and led the team to national championships at the age of 17. With a gold medal in 50 meters breaststroke and silver in others, she was also a title holder in swimming. The accident didn’t shake her determination and willpower. She founded a foundation “Soulfree” wherein she imparts hopes to many women with lethal spinal injuries. She is also a motivational speaker now and also delivers talks on disability issues. She spreads awareness about the same among the youths.

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