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Food facts and fears

30-08-2017 02:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Food facts and fears | My Indian Dream

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Certain food phobias exist and they even have a name

Indulging in food is a pleasure for all. The taste of food along with its ability to pacify our hunger leaves us with a very pleasant and satiated feeling which is comparable to bliss. Some people live to eat while others eat to live, but there are some who are driven to the verge of anxiety by just the mention of a particular food, so much that there is a name for such fears.

AcerophobiaFear of sourness

People who find the pucker caused by citrus fruits like lime or sour candies very difficult to handle are said to suffer from Acerophobia which means the fear of sourness or anything that tastes sour. Such people tend to avoid foods like lemons and pickles.

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