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From apps to abs - Stay fit, stay healthy!

08-06-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

From apps to abs - Stay fit, stay healthy! | My Indian Dream

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Apart from the numerous apps that have made our life and work convenient, our smartphone can also help us get into shape and stay healthy and fit

In today's times, where working out is the new trend and smartphones are becoming an essential part in every aspect of our lives, here are five apps that can help you get in shape and stay fit in a rather fun way.

Working out is the new happiness:

'Happiness and wellness go hand in hand' and 'Happier' is just the right app to affirm this statement. it helps you post your joyful moments of working out and to motivate and get motivated by the cheerful posts of others. It also offers interactive courses to add up to your happiness. The app has a free course, while for others, in-app purchase is always an option.

Mind matters and so does meditation:

Meditation is the key to a happy and peaceful life, but it isn't a cakewalk. Your smartphone can always help you. 'Headspace' is such an app. Its 30-day Foundation Pack guides you through some basic meditation steps and what adds more fun are its goofy cartoon characters which are just perfect to destress and lighten up your mood.

Tempo up with your performance:

More the high-energy playlists, more motivated you will be while you workout. 'FitRadio' provides you with the right music to keep you going. Unlike other music streaming service, FitRadio team organizes music that will not only surprise you but keep you motivated and move. The app has playlists with distinctive music everyday for cardio, cycling, treadmill, outdoor running and much more.                                        

Accomplish your goals:

There is an app that helps you set goals and make the workout as well as running plans. The name of the app is ' Fitso' and it can be downloaded for free. It calculates your calorie requirements and helps you to design customized workouts according to your physical level. The app comes with a GPS tracker that shows stats like distance, speed, split timings, elevation gained and calories burnt while running. When goals are accomplished, you get points. It further helps you to know your friend's score which helps you to motivate each other.

Exercise for the brain:

Solving brain games is a challenge which many people love to take up. ' Lumosity' is an engaging app that tests the speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem-solving areas of the brain with more than 25 brain games.The games can be challenging, sometimes frustrating, but more often it is fun. The games also test your spatial skills and memory.

These interesting apps, when incorporated into your fitness regime, helps you to stay fit, healthy and happy.


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