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- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Her Beliefs Beyond Her Age

15-09-2017 01:00 AM | Sagarika Kanukollu

Her Beliefs Beyond Her Age | My Indian Dream

Let’s double our happiness...

Mamta, a seven-year-old kid lives in a small village of Jharkhand. Her father is a farmer with a piece of land. Earlier, her mother used to accompany him to the fields and return with him back in the evening.

Mamta, was just four by then when their world was torn apart. She was put to sleep in the morning while her parents left for farming. The summer troubled the village a lot. It was eve and villagers usually cook outside in their corridors in the mud made stoves using coal or dung cakes, as it is hot inside. While helping each other to lit the stove, a small piece of coal fell from the neighbourhood on Mamta’s house. Within a minute, the entire house saw flames and then ashes.

You must be wondering how Mamta is alive. She just felt hunger and the little heart came out looking for her parents. On return from the fields, her parents were alarmed. Scared, drowned in despair, begging God for help, her parents had no idea to deal the situation. Her father then had to sell out their only support- the land to build another, a bit stable house.

Empathising the family, a landlord allowed her father to farm and share the profit in equal ratio. Soon, ploughing started. Mamta saw his eyes, discontent for the lack of financial support. She even heard her mom apologising to her father for aborting the child due to the circumstances.

Mamta, started to visit the field with her father every day. She picked a small bunch of the veggies in her tender hands, hide them in her bag and leave for school. After five such days, she was caught by her father.

In a mild voice, without scaring the little heart, he asked; “Dear, where do you carry the vegetables every day? Why do you hide them in your bag? Listen… even though the field isn’t ours, if you want anything from here, you can say to uncle and he will allow you to take some. But, if you do this secretly, you may be misunderstood”.

Her reply freezes his heart and compels him to shed some tears. She says, “Baba, I didn’t steal them. Raju is my classmate and he has a newly born sister. Next week is Diwali and he wants to buy her bangles. But he doesn’t have any money. You also don’t have a lot of money. So, after school I go to the market and sell the vegetables every day. I have saved some money for him. I don’t have my brother anymore. But he has a cute little sister. Tomorrow I’ll give him all of it. He will be so happy”. 

The little soul taught him a lot. Her father brings her closer and kisses her forehead. Wiping off his tears, he says, “Yes beta.. you are right.. Let’s make him happy.. Here is my gift to him.” He hands over a 10 rupee note to her.

Amazed? Isn’t she right? Happiness is in giving, giving to someone in need. Happiness is even in helping someone to do something that you couldn’t. Happiness is in you. You see it when it comes out of you, and reaches the next person. This Diwali, Share and care. Let’s double our happiness.

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