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Here’s A Solution To Desk Job Complaints

14-10-2017 03:00 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

Here’s A Solution To Desk Job Complaints | My Indian Dream

Solutions on commonly found complaint in working communities

With developing infrastructure and amenities, people migrate to cities. The charm of luxurious lifestyle and huge bank balance, often makes us ignore the clock. There are call centres, IT firms, hospitality sector and government offices revolving around desk jobs. A part of this population is found willing but unable to devote time. But working late hours for that extra figures on the cheque can substantially cost you in future.

It’s quite genuine to work hard, but your good health too weighs high. Here are certain easy ways to ensure healthy work life:

  • Do not sit for too long, take breaks in between. However, people pass the lunch and tea breaks in sitting and chit chatting. Rather one should use the time, or get up once in half an hour, take a walk around if feasible.
  • Use the stairs, say no to lift. Unless, your desk is on the 5th floor and you do not want to pant high in the morning, avoid elevators. Majority of your time is spent with no movements. Random days in gym aren’t enough. So, ensure activeness in your joints by utilizing the stairs.
  • Public transit can help you. Since the public vehicles don’t drop you to the door to hop in, you will have to walk to reach your desk. Buses or trains will have fixed stops, find the nearest and get down to walk the mile. It will help burn the part of fat which otherwise settles up in you.
  • Stretch your body. When you take breaks, move your body parts to avoid jerks. Swing your hands, stretch your neck by turning your head around. Bend front and back, work on your fists by frequently closing and opening them up.
  •  Take deep breaths in between, laugh out with your colleagues to concentrate better. Tap your toes down the desk, or simply tap your finger tips on the table top. This enhances blood circulation and productivity at work.
  • Keep less with the clerk. Though formal communication demands emails, calls etc., make the informal one a bit healthy for yourself. Unless you’re too occupied with the work, do not call up the clerk to send your documents or message to your colleague. Get up, do it by yourself to keep active.  
  • Eat healthy food, keep less of the sweetened drinks. Allow tea/coffee only once a day or replace the sugar with honey if it’s a must for you at work.

Certain reports claim that desk job fitness is mostly underrated, though it is a commonly found complaint in working communities. While you look on for areas to invest your time, put up your health in the priority list.